Prehistory and Comics

The exhibition opens with a scientific account of prehistoric graphic depictions which centres on three aspects closely related with graphic narrative: a walkthrough from the first illustrations of the origins of mankind in the mid-nineteenth century up to the present day; a knowing nod towards rock art from the Spanish Mediterranean basin as the first form of graphic narration in our local environs; and the fiction novel as a source of inspiration for many cartoon-strip and comic artists.

The second section showcases the diversity of characters that appear in comics, ranging from childlike caricatures to realist depictions.

The third section is divided into five areas corresponding to key concepts associated with prehistory in our collective imaginary: tools, fire, wild animals, palaeolithic art, and megalithic culture. The vast display of work on paper is rounded off by archaeological material from the Prehistory Museum of Valencia, including human remains, fossils of large mammals, etchings, adornments, arms, etc. The layout also includes many original plates and illustrations, interviews with celebrated Spanish and French comic artists, as well as two animations in 3D.

The exhibition is brought to a close with a children’s library of comics set in prehistoric times, plus an educational and play area exploring the clichés and anachronisms pertaining to prehistory. Everything is combined with the ultimate goal of submerging us in a world of fiction to be enjoyed by old and young alike.
Helena Bonet Rosado
Álvaro Pons
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